Supreme Court Addresses Definition of “Supervisor” in Racial and Sexual Harassment Cases, Will it Have an Impact on Future Litigation?

New York, NY- The U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a case this week to define who qualifies as a “supervisor” in racial and sexual harassment cases. Their decision could dramatically limit employer liability in cases of this nature.


Assembly Speaker Silver Testifies in State Probe of Lopez Secret Sexual Harassment Payout

New York, NY- NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was called to testify before a state ethic commission for his involvement in the sexual harassment scandal of pol Vito Lopez, The New York Daily News reported.


Georgia Police Officer Files Federal Suit Alleging Female on Male Sexual Harassment

Chattahoochee Hills, GA- A former police officer for the Chattahoochee Hills police department filed a federal lawsuit alleging his female boss sexually harassed him on a daily basis and was later fired in retaliation by the police chief.


Britney Spears Reaches Deal in Sexual Harassment Suit with Former Bodyguard

Los Angeles, CA- Britney Spears has reached a deal with her former bodyguard who accused her of repeatedly sexually harassing her, according to TMZ.


EEOC Hits Illinois Medical Center with Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Rock Island, IL- Trinity Medical Center of Rock Island has been accused of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and has been hit with a federal lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Sexual Harassment Scandal Widens for NY Assembly

Albany, NY- The sexual misconduct scandal facing the New York Assembly widened Sunday after a Senate candidate reported that she was sexually harassed when she worked on the Assembly Ways and Means committee.


Fry’s Electronics Settles Multi-Million Retaliation

Seattle, WA- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Fry’s electronics agreed to pay $ 2.3 million to a former supervisor who was fired after reporting incidents of sexual harassment.

Female Employees Detail Vito Lopez’s Sexually Charged Behavior

Brooklyn, NY- The scandal surrounding Vito Lopez, the Brooklyn Assemblyman just keeps getting worse. Most of the controversy has been centered on secret payoff settlements negotiated by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, but little has been heard f ...


Connecticut Town Pays $55,000 to Settle a Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Lawsuit

Canton, CT- City leaders in Canton have agreed to pay $55,000 to a former executive assistant for the chief administrator to settle claims that she was sexually harassed and then retaliated against.

New York Assembly Paid $100K to Settle Vito’s Previous Sexual Harassment Complaints

Brooklyn, NY- There is uproar in Brooklyn this week after a long-time Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D) faced allegations that he sexually harassed two female staffers. Now, there is outrage over a previous secret settlement from over a year ago where t ...

Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez Censured Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

Brooklyn, NY- Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez has been censured by his peers with NY Governor Cuomo calling for his resignation after two women accused him of him sexual harassment

Florida Grower Settles Harassment Case for $150K

Immokalee, FL- DiMare Ruskin, a Florida-based grower has settled a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit with the EEOC and two women who claimed they were abused by supervisors.

Home Healthcare Provider Slapped with Lawsuit by the EEOC

St. Louis, MO- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a federal lawsuit against Help at Home alleging that an administrator in their Hillsboro office sexually harassed two female employees.


Texas School Administrator Accused of Sexually Harassing a Student and Several Employees

Rio Grande Valley, TX- Several female employees of Ignite Public Schools (IPS) has come forward alleging that a school administrator sexually harassed them.


Naval Officer Removed From Ship Following Multiple Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Norfolk, VA- The Associated Press obtained documents that showed a Naval officer for a Florida-based ship was removed from his post after numerous women came forward and accused him of sexual harassment.


Federal Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Harassment and Discrimination at the Department of Homeland Security

Washington, D.C. - A federal lawsuit, filed by a male employee for Immigration Customs Enforcement, alleges that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano fostered a culture of sexual discrimination and harassment.


D.C. Lifeguard Wins $3.5M Retaliation and Harassment Suit

Washington, D.C. - A former lifeguard for a D.C. public school was awarded $3.5 million for a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit filed against the D.C. Department of Parks and recreation.


Texas Woman Accuses Female Supervisor of Harassment and Physical Assault

Houston, TX- A Houston woman has filed a lawsuit against her former female supervisor alleging that she was sexually harassed and physically assaulted at work then fired for reporting the misconduct.


Oxford American Editor Fired For Sexual Harassment

Conway, AK-Marc Smirnoff, the editor for Oxford American magazine has been fired following allegations that he sexually harassed female staff.


Louisiana Housing Director Disciplined Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Terrebonne Parish, LA- The Louisiana Housing Board of Commissioners has formally disciplined the director of the Terrebonne Parish Housing Authority after he was accused of sexually harassing a female employee.