Obama Receives Endorsment From California Felon Party

California Felon Party founder Larry Jay Levine endorses Obama for President



Former Federal prisoner Larry Jay Levine teaches offenders entering Federal custody how to survive behind prison walls

Larry Jay Levine - Federal Prison Consultant

Former Federal inmate sets up consulting firm to aid white collar offenders entering Federal Custody.

American Prison Consultants - Congress Passes Federal Prison HIV Bill

On September 25, 2008, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved by voice vote a House-approved bill (HR 1943) requiring HIV/AIDS testing for inmates upon arrival in federal prisons.


www.californiafelonparty.org - Larry Jay Levine, a former federal inmate in Los Angeles organizes felons in California into a voting block to swing the November elections


American Prison Consultants - Supreme Court To Rule On Warrantless Searches By Law Enforcement

Pearson v. Callahan 07-751 (10th Cir.)

American Prison Consultants - Court Rules Aggravated Identity Theft Requires Use of Specific Person’s ID

4th Circuit Court of Appeals reverses lower court ruling in U.S. vs. Mitchell, USCA No. 06-5169

American Prison Consultants - Appeals Court Issues Inmates RDAP Eligibility Victory

Arrington v. Daniels, WL 441835 (9th Cir. Feb. 20, 2008)

Los Angeles Public Relations - LM Public Relations Los Angeles

Los Angeles Public Relations - LM Public Relations Los Angeles

American Prison Consultants - U.N. Calls For Felon Reinfranchisement

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has called on the United States to restore voting rights automatically to people with felony convictions after completion of their criminal sentence.

American Prison Consultants - 1 In Every 100 Adults Behind Bars

For the first time in history more than one in every 100 adults in America are in jail or prison—a fact that significantly impacts state budgets without delivering a clear return on public safety.

Prison Consultants - Second Chance Act Passes Congress!

The Reducing Recidivism and Second Chance Act of 2007 (H.R. 1593) will help make communities safer and provide housing and rehabilitation to ex-felons.


Prison Consultants - KTRH 740 NewsRadio Houston Features News Story on Fedtime 101 Prison Survival Course

Prison Consultants - KTRH 740 NewsRadio Houston Features News Story on Prison Consultant Larry Levine and the Fedtime 101 Prison Survival Course

Federal Prison Consultant Larry Levine Gives Insight On Conrad Black's Prison Stay

New inmate will face germs, overcrowding and lack of privacy

Prison Consulting provided by American Prison Consultant Larry Levine, FedTime101 Program Developer

Clear Channel Communications KOA 850 Denver, Colorado features Feb. 15, 2008, interview of former federal inmate and expert Prison Consultant Larry Levine, who has previously provided prison insight to the Houston Chronicle and El Paso Times.