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Citizens policy discounting plan is sensible

Home Insurance Sales Increase

Home insurers happy that sales are up in a down economy

Term life insurance quotes are all about years

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Marco Rubio says compassion, not politics, can reform immigration

Rubio the next Vice President?

Arizona Immigration Law Approval

Court OKs part of Arizona alien law, so Obama intervenes

Darrell Issa relentless in his Fast and Furious probe

Fast and Furious Investigation Heats Up

Florida Home Insurance President

A New Citizens President?

Florida PEO companies

"a response to a genuine need"

Eric Holder Found Contempt With House Historic Vote

The Vote Is All About Getting To The Truth!


Barack Obama 0 for 2, but will it help Romney’s chances?

Chief Justice John Roberts Shocks Republicans

Marco Rubio’s bipartisan Senate support subject to politics

Marco Rubio on Mitt Romney's Ticket For Election 2012

Auto insurance is about protecting people, not horses

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Home insurance on mind as hurricane season begins

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Affordable life insurance is within reach of everyone

Home Insurance Values Matter

Homeowners insurance places a value on where you live

Corporate Wellness Programs are shaping up the workforce

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Florida Homeowners Insurance Crisis

home insurance crisis continues to loom large