Halloween Named An Evil National Holiday According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Christians Give To Charities Such As Car Donations According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Life Insurance Is Worth The Cost According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Unsecured Loans Like Cash Advances Are For Emergencies According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Medical Treatments Prevent Anxiety Disorders

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Affordable Health Insurance Is A Must For Christians According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Personal Bankruptcy Can Assist Christians According to ChristiaNet Poll

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Christians Unsure If Day Trading Is Gambling According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Tattoos and Piercings Are Unacceptable According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Obesity Due To Stress and Fast Foods According To ChristiaNet Survey

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Halloween Costumes Promote Witchcraft According to ChristiaNet Poll

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Porn, Sex And TV Causing Society's Moral Decline According to ChristiaNet Survey

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Google Beats Yahoo For Best Search Engine According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Dogs Versus Cats For Christian Pets According To ChristiaNet Survey

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Exercise and Healthy Recipes For Successful Weight Loss According to ChristiaNet Survey

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Lasik Vision Correction Advances Laser Eye Surgery

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Christian Drug Treatment Centers Assist In Chemical Dependency

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Kissing is Acceptable While Dating According To ChristiaNet Poll

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Manic Depression Symptoms Treated With Natural Remedies

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National Security Versus Freedom According to ChristiaNet Poll

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