Electric rates going up; five Republican senators on hot seat

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Darrell Issa relentless in his Fast and Furious probe

Fast and Furious Investigation Heats Up

Eric Holder Found Contempt With House Historic Vote

The Vote Is All About Getting To The Truth!

ALIPAC Condemns Candidate David Rouzer's Support for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

ALIPAC is condemning congressional candidate David Rouzer's support for Amnesty for illegal aliens!

Kony 2012: Good Intentions, Wrong Approach


Georgia Senate passes bill that bans illegal immigrants from public college

The millions of illegal immigrants in the country face numerous challenges, besides the prospect of deportation. In the state of Georgia lawmakers have put up another roadblock for immigrants who are not legally recognized.


ICE agents arrest 45 illegal immigrants in Connecticut and Massachusetts

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents conducted a four day investigation, which resulted in the arrest of 45 illegal immigrants, who have been convicted of criminal charges. ICE agents located the criminals through Secure Communities, a fede ...


US Plans to Deport Immigrants to Home States Instead of Border

The Obama administration has announced that they will no longer drop off deported immigrants at the border where they can be victimized by drug traffickers, and will instead repatriate them to their home states.


Louisiana Settles Federal Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections has resolved a federal lawsuit and has agreed to change their policies and training programs in regards to sexual harassment. An unnamed woman, who was an office administrator, accused t ...


Sexual harassment trial against ASU began this week

The sexual and racial harassment trial against Alabama State University began this week. A former female employee testified that a female African- American administrator for the university subjected female officer workers to racial and sexual har ...


Billboard chastises FL Gov. Rick Scott over immigration policy

Anti-immigration activists have taken a jibe at Governor Rick Scott (R.) for his refusal to participate in the federal e-verify program. The Billboard is on I-75 right at the Georgia border. The text reads, “Welcome Illegal Aliens. We offer Jobs, ...


Newt Gingrich calls Romney’s self-deportation immigration plan a fantasy

Immigration reform is a hot political debate. Both conservatives and liberals agree that there needs to be comprehensive immigration reform, but cannot agree on how to achieve this goal.

Delaware drops out of foreclosure settlement talks

President Obama to Use State of the Union Address Tuesday January 24

Foreclosure settlement goes to states for approval

The Obama administration has been working on a deal to settle with major mortgage lenders over unsavory practices which led to the current crisis. Now the settlement will go to individual state Attorneys Generals for their approval.

Value of foreclosure settlement hinges on California’s participation


Colorado anti-tax advocate found guilty of tax evasion

A Denver jury found Doug Bruce, a notorious anti-tax activist, guilty of tax evasion, filing false income tax forms and failure to file a return or pay taxes. Bruce faces up to 12 years in jail $700,000 in fines, according to the Colorado Springs ...


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Accused of Civil Rights Abuses

The U.S. Justice Department alleges that Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, headed by Joe Arpaio is guilty of numerous civil rights violations. Arpaio, nicknamed “America’s toughest sheriff,” and his deputies were investigated by the Justice Depar ...


Chinese Student Faces Deportation for Sexual Harassment Charge

Oregon- A Oregon State University international student, who was convicted for sexually harassing a young woman, will be deported back to China.


Feds Warn Alabama Police About Discrimination When Enforcing Immigration Laws

The Justice Department has sent a letter to Alabama police warning them to avoid discriminating against Latino residents when enforcing immigration laws.